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News News New News ………… Last year I submitted some poems to an anthology of work by emerging internet poets. I’m genuinely thrilled that one of my pieces was selected. “The Poetic Bond II” was published last November, and my poem “Fruitful” was in the book. It’s not the first time my poetry has been published, but for some reason, this really thrills me. Probably because it’s somehow special to be seen as “emerging” at this age!

This year I submitted a poem for “poetic bond III” published October 2013, and again had a poem selected. “The scent of honey” appears on page 9, and I’ve posted it on here. But the most exciting poetic happening of my year was being shortlisted for the 2013 Bridport Poetry Prize”. As nearly 8000 poems were submitted from all over the world, to make the Shortlist really thrilled me – and made me understand a little more what is good, what is bland and what is plain trashy about my work!

I’m Belinda, Linda (whatever you like best) DuPret.  Grandmother, Mother, ex-TV Journalist.  My husband is a painter, my daughter a magician, my son an airline pilot and my grandchildren are wonderful. On top of that, both my children have great partners, which adds to life’s bounty.

I seem to have travelled all my life – first as part of a service family, moving from place to place within England, as well as living in Malta. Later with my own family, (John my husband, and my two children, Christian and Sophie) living and working in UK, Australia, New Zealand and the SW of France.  Workwise, over the years I’ve been a DJ, a rockband promoter, a Soul Band manager; a receptionist, secretary, TV journalist and Product Image National PR Manager for one of the worlds largest generic products.  

Now I’m plonk in the middle of Worthing, plonk in the middle of my sixties and writing poetry –  hopefully with an enjoyable, sometimes wry twist to it.  I’ve always written poems, but now it’s not what I’d like to do – it’s what I DO DO!

Thank you for looking!

4 Responses to About Linda

  1. Vera Ersilia says:

    Hullo Belinda! Great page. Great site. I am visiting my acquaintances from the world wide net… Let’s stay in touch ! Vera

  2. Belinda, loving my visit, your humor reminds me of me :o) excpet better.
    The poem about your chair made me laugh. I am going to share your site on my fb page. I think people will love it.
    Please visit my web page, and also my book web page at http://theitalianthing.com I think you will enjoy them.

    • Linda Dupret Linda Dupret says:

      Hi Patricia, many thanks for your comments, I really do appreciate. Actually I’d already visited your web page AND your book web page – I winced at the shower running out along with you!
      Al the best, Belinda.

  3. Eren says:

    One of the (many) reasons why I gave up stutibming my poems to magazines was that when I did get an acceptance, the choice would be for the poem I’d included as filler rather than for the poem I wanted to see published.Truth is I don’t read my poems the way other people read them. I know what my poems are supposed to be saying whereas the casual browser doesn’t have such luxury. The poems I think are my best are the ones where I’ve worked in 2 or 3 layers of meaning/interpretation which work well for me, but which rarely work for the reader because they only spend enough time with the poem to get the surface meaning (if that).One of my most important poems (for me, anyway) has never been commented on in any detail, despite being posted to various fora and newsgroups. I assume it’s because people are nervous of the content rather than because it’s poorly written or just not likeable.I enjoyed Revelations on erato. I thought it was strange so many commenters are already trying to rank the selected poems. But it’s nice to see poems being selected on their own merits, rather than on the hierarchical importance of the author.Today’s verification: moodz.

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