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I object to the view that only the young can be beautiful, and hold strongly that women mature, rather than age. In fact, it is not an aging process but a ripening process the years bring with them. Hence this … Continue reading

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Australia – A Letter

Just before we left Australia in 1994, I received a phone call which rather blew me away. It was followed a week later by a confirmatory fax, which was an invitation to add my name to a “Register” of influential … Continue reading

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Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored!

When living in the South West of France, in the Tarn, I made a tenuous living by writing and selling pieces about people, places, food and wine, wherever and whenever I could. This article, published in Australia in 1996 almost … Continue reading

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Hunt the Bidon

When living in the SW of France I freelanced, writing and selling pieces wherever I could. This fairly dry little piece, (from the Tarn, long on the tongue and with a citron aftertaste) was published by a Sydney newspaper in … Continue reading

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Dichotomy in Two Sexual Parts

A few years ago, I spoke to Jamie MacLean, a London publisher, about his taking a poem in one of his publications. His publications include The Erotic Review, and various books on erotic photography. He said that most poems submitted … Continue reading

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