Australia – A Letter

Just before we left Australia in 1994, I received a phone call which rather blew me away. It was followed a week later by a confirmatory fax, which was an invitation to add my name to a “Register” of influential women, which would be created by the Prime Ministers Department, and circulated round business leaders, government departments etc, as part of the (then) Prime Ministers push for equal representation in government, statutory and regulatory bodies and within business.

The ironic thing was that earlier the day the initial phone call came, the creation of the “Prime Ministers Womans Register” had been a lead story on the Television Network News, and I’d jeered, saying “Oh yes, I can see it now, the same old biddies they usually wheel out will be on this list…… how on earth will that change anything…”

I joke about most things because it’s my way of handling life, but I do take some things very seriously, and have to admit that this letter was probably one of the greatest endorsements of my Marketing, PR and work skills that I could have received.

Australia - A letter.

Linda Dupret

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