Dichotomy in Two Sexual Parts

A few years ago, I spoke to Jamie MacLean, a London publisher, about his taking a poem in one of his publications. His publications include The Erotic Review, and various books on erotic photography. He said that most poems submitted to his publishing company were pretty awful, predictable and boring – or so littered with explicit words that he couldn’t print them. I suggested a conversation between a photographer and model, then wrote this and he took it.

Dichotomy in 2 Sexual Parts.
(In Camera Lucidity)

The Model

You like to watch,
And I like to expose my secret self to your camera.
Flaunting my smooth-waxed libido in poses both sensual and lewd.
I’ll expose my privacy
You’ll expose your photography.
Sharing a rite of voyeuristic intimacy,
Working together, humid complicity.

The Photographer

My camera records with great lucidity
Visions of women, reeking decadent sensuality.
Finally creating a sexual dichotomy…….
Are the images created with such pleasurable indecency
Or is recording the glistened arousal
Itself the act of perversity?

Linda DuPret

Copyright and intellectual property rights belond to Belinda DuPret. October 2012

Linda Dupret

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