I object to the view that only the young can be beautiful, and hold strongly that women mature, rather than age. In fact, it is not an aging process but a ripening process the years bring with them. Hence this poem – “Fruitful”.


I’m rounded like peach, shaped like pear….
Soft-curved like melon where once I was flat.
My soft-plum breasts sit softly with weight and gravitas,
While orange-skin dimples on bottom and thighs
And softness on peach-face complete my ripeness.

I offer the feast of older woman.
Bounteous with age-old fruitful soft comfort.
No slender tense buttocks gymnasium toned
But warm, soft, enveloping, fulsome maturity.
To inhale and breath deeply.

I’m age-fruited woman
Scented and deep.
No longer fecund but with full fruitful pleasure.
Vintage Rioja, matured to perfection.
Some say the taste is addictive.

Copyright and Intellectual copyright Belinda DuPret. Oct 2011

“Pomegranites” by John DuPret.

Linda Dupret

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The Why's and Wherefores Hi and thank you for looking at my weblog. I'm Belinda, Linda (whatever you like best) DuPret. Grandmother, Mother, ex-TV Journalist. My husband is a painter, my daughter a magician, my son an airline pilot and my grandchildren are wonderful. On top of that, both my children have great partners, which adds to life's bounty. I've lived and worked in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the SW of France. Been a DJ, a rock band promoter, a Soul Band manager; a receptionist, secretary, TV journalist and PR Manager for one of the worlds largest generic products. Now I'm plonk in the middle of my sixties and writing poetry - hopefully with an enjoyable, sometimes wry twist to it. I've always written poems, but now it's not what I'd like to do - it's what I DO! I try to write at least one poem a week, and hope you enjoy some of them. Thank you for looking!
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