Hunt the Bidon

When living in the SW of France I freelanced, writing and selling pieces wherever I could. This fairly dry little piece, (from the Tarn, long on the tongue and with a citron aftertaste) was published by a Sydney newspaper in 1995. I found this old copy in a file the other day, and thought – oh why not put it on the website – show off my acidity level – definitely sec!

Linda Dupret

About Linda Dupret

The Why's and Wherefores Hi and thank you for looking at my weblog. I'm Belinda, Linda (whatever you like best) DuPret. Grandmother, Mother, ex-TV Journalist. My husband is a painter, my daughter a magician, my son an airline pilot and my grandchildren are wonderful. On top of that, both my children have great partners, which adds to life's bounty. I've lived and worked in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the SW of France. Been a DJ, a rock band promoter, a Soul Band manager; a receptionist, secretary, TV journalist and PR Manager for one of the worlds largest generic products. Now I'm plonk in the middle of my sixties and writing poetry - hopefully with an enjoyable, sometimes wry twist to it. I've always written poems, but now it's not what I'd like to do - it's what I DO! I try to write at least one poem a week, and hope you enjoy some of them. Thank you for looking!
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